Simon Reed

Director - SPR Accounting

Simon has been working as an accountant for over 30 years. He started out his own company a few years ago to help small business understand the financial side of their businesses and also help them to plan tax strategies which would help them meet their retirement goals.
Simon started out in a top 8 audit firm where he gained a good understanding of how accounting works, from there he moved to being an accountant for various organisations including a Financial controller of a $50 million plus company. He also headed up the tax business for a financial planning company which dealt with high net worth individuals as well as companies. He has worked not only in Australia but also the UK and Hong Kong so also has a broad understanding of how business work on home soil and further abroad.
Simon is interested in helping companies achieve their financial goals. He does this by giving advice in relation to the financial side of his clients’ business and also structuring the business to be more tax effective. His time as Head of Tax for a financial planning company gave him the knowledge to know that you need to take into account not only the company position but also the individuals tax circumstances.
Small businesses need not only an accountant but also a person who they can talk to about their business whether things are going well or badly and that is why Simon has made SPR accounting a practice that does not charge by the hour but by a yearly fee. He would rather you give him a call or organise a meeting than find out that there has been a problem 6 months down the track and you haven’t called because you were worried about the cost.
Simon leads a strong and experienced team who also love what they do. Together it makes for a great working environment with happy staff ready to help you.

The SPR Accounting Team

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